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Re: Help with apt

	Subject: Re: Help with apt
	Date: Mon, May 10, 1999 at 05:16:55AM -0400

In reply to:Mitch Blevins

Quoting Mitch Blevins(mblevin@mindspring.com):
> In foo.debian-user, you wrote:
> > Not so much dselect, but dpkg yes.  I have a dialup connection and
> > sometimes I download a package over more than one dialup session, save it
> > in a directory and install it with dpkg.  
> > 
> > I have tried apt, but could not get it to install a package from a
> > directory on my hard disk - which is frustrating.  It seems to me apt is
> > looking for the same directory structure that the debian mirrors have and
> > I am not going to mirror the whole structure on my hard disk.
> apt will assume a Debian archive structure unless you end your sources.list
> line with a directory separater.  For example, if your deb files are in
> /home/jhspies/debian/mydebs/*, you would need to following line.
> deb file:/home/jhspies/debian mydebs/


 Don't you need a Packages file in that dir for that to work?

> HTH,
> -Mitch
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