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Re: The Null-Modem cable info

Hans Dumbrajs wrote:

> Hi!
> Here is all the stufff that you need if you want to connect a win95 (I
> dunno if the modem.inf works with win98, but you can try) box to your
> linux box with a null modem cable and pppd.
> The modem.inf file attached is not my own work. I just added a line
> there to get it running with pppd. Much credit goes to the original
> author, but I don't know who he/she is.
> The modem.inf file contains 3 drivers. The "Generic NULL modem" driver
> is the correct one.
> The perl scribt pppcontrol, and the shell script startppp go into /sbin
> on your linux box.
> The perl script supplied is acctually not nessecerry. You can equally
> well use cron to do what it does.
> The "pppcontrol" script is started in one of your rc files with
> "/sbin/pppcontrol &". What it does is simply looping forever and
> checking that the pppd is running on the linux box. I couldn't get the
> persist option working with pppd, if you get it working you don't need
> the perl script.
> As I said pppcontrol loops all the time and checks every 30 secs if pppd
> is running (It assumes /usr/sbin/pppd to be the path). If pppd is not
> running anymore it will call startppp to get pppd back up again. The
> reason why you need a script to check if pppd is running is simply
> because pppd will exit with an LCP config request timeout after a while
> because your win95 box is switched of or something.
> You might want to change the network options in startppp to your liking.
> pppd opions:
> local Means that you don't use a modem.
> noauth is used so you don't have to enter any user name and password on
> the win95 maschine. If you want authentication, change it.
> nocrtcts disables hardware flow control.
> xonxoff enables software flow control
> Configuring the win95 box:
> Of course you need to enter all the network options correctly in win95
> dun.. like the IP address.
> If you use the noauth option in pppd, it doesn't matter what you enter
> as username and password.
> As a phone number just enter anything.. I don't remember if you can
> leave the field empty or not. Just enter 123.
> What I did to get my win95 laptop to automatically log in to my linux
> box at startup was this:
> There is checkbox somewhere in DUN (don't remeber where) that disables
> the confirmation you have to click every time you open a DUN connection.
> Check that, and then simply trow a "Shortcut" into you StartMenu\Startup
> folder to the DUN connection.
> I hope you can make some sense out of this.. For any clarification
> please e-mail me!
> Of course you can change as much as you want to my scripts and the rest.
> As I said the modem.inf file is acctually not my own work.
> Please let me know if you got it working!
> --
> Hans Dumbrajs / hansd@saunalahti.fi
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                    Name: pppd-dun.zip
>    pppd-dun.zip    Type: Zip Compressed Data (application/x-zip-compressed)
>                Encoding: base64

I forgot an important thing: Don't forget to set your serial port on the win95
box to use XON/XOFF!! Otherwise you're get crappy performance. I get about
11k/sec now which is really good for a 115200 serial port.

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