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unable to cd "/home/directory_name"

>guys , i have a little problem

>i use slink and i got this problem :
>when i boot into slink i must enter login name and >password  and then
>got this message "unable to cd /home/my_home_dir"
>but if login ass root it doesn't happen and i can >login normally
>can anyone help me plsssssssss

There can be only two possible reasons for this, either the directory
does not exist (it SHOULD have been created when the user account was
created) or the permissions were set wrong.  As root try to change to
the directory /home/'username'.  If it exists look at the permissions. 
IE: ls -l /home/*

The users home directory should be rwx by the user. It should also be
owned by the user and his group.  IE:
the permissions should be:
drwxr-sr-x NN username username 1024 month day time usrname/

If not the change it using chgrp, chown and chmod.

If the directory does not exist, then create it!
use mkdir /home/username.  Then set the group, owner and permissions as above.
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