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Re: diskless box: fanless too ?

ferret@ricochet.net wrote:

> I've ran a few of these.
> 1) AFAIK you require a fan in a closed case
> 2) Watch out for condensation
>    a) Can short the junction
>    b) Has dissolved the adhesive on me more than once. I ran a K6/225 for
>       a month with the fan fallen off, before it started sig11-ing and I
>       checked inside. I'm still running that CPU too. It's my one Windows
>       /Linux/USB machine.

Condensation is one thing I noticed immediately when I saw the one at comdex. It was dripping
with it. I figured though that if you had a temperature sensor which would control it, turning
it on and off, then this wouldn't be a problem since you don't need to get the processor cold,
just keep it not too hot. (Ok, keeping it cold *would* be best but the thought of dripping
water inside my case makes me very nervous.)

> I was running a junction on a 486SX/16 clocked up to 40 for about a year,
> until I got my hands on a Cyrix DX2/80, which is running my firewall for
> now.
> On Mon, 3 May 1999, Brian Servis wrote:
> > *- On  3 May, Jens B. Jorgensen wrote about "Re: diskless box: fanless too ?"
> > > I would think you could do it if you used once of those heat sinks which have a
> > > peltier junction on the bottom. I don't know if anyone's tried this of course but I do
> > > know such heat sinks exist (I saw and felt one a Comdex last year and boy was it
> > > cold!)
> > >
> >
> >
> > It is my understanding that you need a fan on a peltier junction
> > otherwise it makes a better heater than a cooler. Especially in a
> > closed environment like a computer case.
> >
> >
> [snip]

Jens B. Jorgensen

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