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Re: dosfsck - "Root directory has zero size."

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On 03 May 1999 18:39:08 -0400, Arcady Genkin wrote:

>Well it says December 31 1997. Fat32 existed then AFAIK.

    Mmmmm, I dunno if it was widespread, however.  IIRC it was OSR2 that came
with fat32 on the disc.  Doesn't mean that it would have been in widespread
use.  IIRC fat32 may not have even been in the kernel until early '98.  I
remember being pissed off at one of the 2.0.3x series that move msdos support
under the code pages to facilitate vfat.  That was when I renting a friend's
house between 12/97 and 8/98.  I can't remember if my fiancee was with me or
not, but she left 3/98 and I think it was after that.  So *IF* all of my
memory is correct, 12/97 is too early for Linux to have fat32 support in it
and, hence, the dos tools to have it.

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