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Re: sending email to all users [was Re: mutt+exim not working]

"Chad A. Adlawan" wrote:
  >> >ow btw, how do u send email to all users in ur system w/o having to type 
  >> >their user names ?  i use exim also ...
  >>     Subscribe them to an announce-only mailing list that you would run.
  >  i think i remember our sysadmin used to do this, i think what he did was
  >send email to all-users@our.domain.com (or something of that sort) for reall
  >important announcements and bingo, all users on our.domain.com will get that
  >email ....
  >  what if i have some really important announcements to make and i have a
  >hundred++ users, how do i send an email w/ the same content to all of them a
  >at once w/o typing all their user names ?

The normal way of doing this is to define an alias (such as  all-users@our.domain.com).  In sendmail, the file is /etc/aliases.

I don't know whether it's the same in exim.

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