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Re: Sabre fails


thanks for providing library info.  After I installed glibc 2.1, the
same problem appeared to me.  However, I can't further explore the
problem just now, since glibc 2.1 breaks CMUCL (which I use) too.  Until
it's fixed, I won't be able to install glibc 2.1 development easily on
my Debian development machine.  I'll try to install it on another
machine, but it will take some time, sorry about it.

If anyone fixes the problem sooner, please let me know.


Milan Zamazal

>>>>> "SG" == Steve Gore <srgore@flex.net> writes:

    SG> Hi!
    SG> I'm having a problem w/sabre.  When I try to run it, this happens:

    SG> ---snip here---
    SG> sabre
    SG> Sabre Fighter Plane Simulator Version 0.2.4 01/01/99
    SG> Initing graphics
    SG> Initing graphic interface
    SG> svgalib: Failed to initialize mouse.
    SG> Initing edge bounds
    SG> Initing zbuffer
    SG> 256000 bytes allocated for zbuffer
    SG> Setting port_3D params
    SG> Port_3D::initPort3D
    SG> Initing font object
    SG> found 8x8 font in /usr/lib/games/sabre/lib/simfnt-8x8
    SG> chaining SIGFPE handler
    SG> reading world file a.wld
    SG> reading palette file a.plt
    SG> reading texture file a.txr
    SG> Reading terrain info
    SG> Reading static object definitions
    SG> Reading static object instances
    SG> reading flight info a.flt
    SG> check failed got_line
    SG> Press Any Key ...Exiting
    SG> ---snip here---

    SG> I'm not much on games, but this looks interesting.  I'd appreciate any input.

    SG> Thanks,
    SG> Steve

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