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X server on a Compaq Presario 1235

We have been trying to configure an X server from Debian 2.1 on a
Compaq Presario 1235 laptop.  SuperProbe reports

First video: Super-VGA
        Chipset: Yamaha 6388 VPDC (Port Probed)
        RAMDAC:  Generic 8-bit pseudo-color DAC
                 (with 6-bit wide lookup tables (or in 6-bit mode))

but the xserver-svga does not seem to recognize the chipset.  Part of
the output from X -probeonly is

 (--) SVGA: PCI: Unknown vendor (0x10c8) Unknown chipset (0x0004) rev 1, Memory @ 0xfd000000, 0xfea00000
 (--) SVGA: chipset:  generic
 (--) SVGA: videoram: 64k
 (--) SVGA: clocks:  25.18
 (**) SVGA: Using 8 bpp, Depth 8, Color weight: 666
 (--) SVGA: Using builtin driver modes
 (--) SVGA: Builtin Mode: 320x200
 (--) SVGA: Virtual resolution set to 320x204
 (--) SVGA: SpeedUp code selection modified because virtualX != 1024

Any suggestions of how to get it configured?  Should we be using
another xserver?

Please cc us on any replies as we do not usually follow this list.

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