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Re: What are the Bogomips for a P166?

On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Colin Tree wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a P166 sitting right behind me
> and it comes up with 66.00 BogoMips.
> but in front of me is a K6-11-350
> which peaks out at 696.00 BogoMips.
> Sooo     does that mean I can do more than
> 10 times as much work on the K6 ??
> What a sales gimick !!

Hi Colin

There is a formula for bogomips for most chips,
the documetnation witht he bogomips package will
give that.

For the K6 series is is approximately 2*clock speed.
My K6-2-350 give s a bogomips of about 700. 
The Pentium gives a muchslower number, about =
the clock rate. At least that is true for the 
Pentium 266 I'm on right now. Bogomips = 267.

> Probably means the s... hot risc inside the K6
> loops real fast compared to the cisc Pentium.

Believe it or not: The Pentium is a risc processor so 
far as the small instructions. The internal architecture is
exactly RISC. The multicycle instructions are, as you suggest,
CISC. There is an array of hidden registers in the chip that 
are used in exactlty the same way a RISC programmer uses 

I do not know how the K6 is constructed. I  must find out.

David Teague, dbt@cs.wcu.edu
Debian GNU/Linux Because software support is free, timely,
                 useful, technically accurate, and friendly.
                        (Thanks guys!)

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