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EQL problems - Update

Chewie here, with a quick update on the EQL problems I was having.  In
case  you hadn't seen the previous post, here's a quick synopsis.  I
had compiled the 2.2.5 kernel with eql support, initiated my two modem
connections with no (absolutely NO) compression, and enslaved the
devices to the eql device.  My routing table was set up correctly, and
I watched the tcpdump on each device to find that data was being sent
and received, but just not finalized.  The initiating program didn't
receive packets...they seemed to disappear somewhere between the modem
device and the eql device.

Well, since I had done everything right, as according to documentation
and the advice of a friend, we decided to go back to the 2.0.36
kernel.  Lo-and-behold, it worked!  After establishing a stable eql
environment, I applied the firewall and masquerading rules to make the
connection LAN accessible.  Mission accomplished.

The short and long of it, eql on kernels newer than 2.0.36 should be
assumed to be broken until further notice.  I will be reporting the
bug to the tracker sometime tomorrow morning.


AKA: Chad Walstrom <chewie@soncom.com>
Linux user since 2.0.32

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