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Compiling xfstt

I downloaded the xfstt tar file, extracted it, and then tried to run
make. I got the following error:

xfstt.cpp:38: X11/fonts/FS.h: No such file or directory
xfstt.cpp:39: X11/fonts/FSproto.h: No such file or directory
make: *** [xfstt.o] Error 1

The xfstt FAQ says that a package "xdevel or something similar" must be
installed. I could not find xdevel on my Debian CD (Official release
from Cheapbytes) and I could not find it at the Debian site. Does it
have another name in Debian?

I got xfstt installed by downloading the .deb package from the Debian
site. But I would like to know what package is missing in case I want to
program with X later.


Greg Scharrer

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