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A few questions

First off. Why cant I send mail to the debian list when I'm logged on
as root. I get all my messsages back. Hey give some message about not
sending mail as root. The message doesnt show up in the list. (Using
my hotmail account to send this) should I just use my hotmail account
to send and my ISP account to recieve?

Second. Why can t I open my cdrom when enter KDE. I've tried to force
software eject it and it says the device is busy, even if there isnt a
cd in the drive. I have to exit X then put in the cd, then startx X
again. Its a bit annoying, especially if I am downloading a huge file,
so I have to either suffer without the cdrom and not get any "work"
done, or stop the download.

3rd. Anyone know of some good text to speech software thats easy to
use? I just need to be able to type something in and have it say it to
me, and I need to be able to record the sound. I'm looking for
something along the lines of the MS speech SDK stuff.

Thanks in advance, all

Jesse Lee

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