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save mail -- trouble.

I was wondering if anyone know what savemail was.  One one of my debian
2.1 systems I get the error/warning

savemail: cannot save rejected mail anywhere (no such file or directory)

something like that.  I checked cron..didnt see anything that would be
savemail..i looked at running processes..same didnt see anything that
would cause this. i grep'd /etc for entries that may contain config files
for savemail, and even tried to find a program called savemail to no
avail.  its not a real big problem bit its kidna strange to turn on the
monitor of that server after a week and see the entire scroll-back buffer
filled with those messages.  it repeats about once every 5 minutes.

any help would be much appreciated.

thanks a lot

(proudly running 5 linux servers on 3 networks)

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