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Re: Hit by virus !? Help, please...

In foo.debian-user, you wrote:
> after my kid was playing games on win95 yesterday
> evening i was unable to boot into Linux - actually unable
> to boot into win95 also... Looks like some kind of
> virus destroyed boot sector with partition table.
> i can remember approximate partition sizes and order.
> Is there any way to recover partition table and the system
> as well ?

You got hit with the CIH virus.  It was well publicized at least
a week prior to the detonation date (yesterday).  All reports that
I have seen don't hold much hope for recovering without a full reinstall.
(hope you backed up your data..)

It is an unfortunate fact that if you want to run Windows on a machine
nowadays, you must pay tribute to the antivirus gods or suffer their
wrath from time to time.


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