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mh-e + metamail for MIME

Odds are no-one on the list will have the same setup, but here

Before my upgrade to link, I used mhn as a mail back-end and mh-e as
it's front-end.  After installing metamail, whenever I did 
`M-! mhn' on a message, the appropriate /etc/mailcap entry will
executed to display my attachments.

After my upgrade to slink, thsi doesn't work anymore.  I get the
message `mhn: don't know how to display content'

If anyone has a quick answer (because it happened to them), let
me know.  If not, I'll try setting up mh-e as described in
/usr/doc/metamail/mailers.txt.gz (if I can find transparent.el

Peter <psg@debian.org>

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