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Re: ipaccounting

Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> writes:

> It's from the ipac package. You probably don't need it on your desktop,
> so just remove it (dpkg --remove ipac).
> The version in potato doesn't do this any more. It's upset that you don't
> have IP accounting compiled in to your kernel, which is obviously needed
> to do anything useful with the ipac package.

Thanks. I've removed this package. The email warnings stopped, but I
see in the xconsole now the following line appear every several
Apr 27 06:36:00 main /USR/SBIN/CRON[742]: (root) CMD ( test -f /etc/ipac.conf && test -f /usr/sbin/fetchipac && /usr/sbin/fetchipac) 

Where is it coming from? Cron?

Arcady Genkin
"I opened up my wallet, and it's full of blood..." - GsYDE

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