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Time Command error in Slink?

I have found a problem when using the time command.  From the man page
-o FILE, --output=FILE
-a, --append

So the command 'time -a -o log makebzImage' should log the time used
to compile the kernel (in this example) to the file 'log'.  What is
does instead is : bash: -a: command not found  Then reports the time
when the compile completes.  Nothing is appended to the log file.

the man page example: 

The man page example: time -f "%E real,%U user,%S sys" ls -Fs
bash: -f: command not found

real    0m0.015s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.020s

My question is, is this a problem version of bash I have installed, 
or is the time program slink installs just not working as advertised? 

bash -version
GNU bash, version 2.01.1(1)-release (i486-pc-linux-gnu)

%uname -a
Linux mtntop 2.2.6 #21 Thu Apr 22 14:03:47 EDT 1999 i686 unknown

Could someone running Potato with bash 2.02.1-1.3, see if the same
thing happens there?


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