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Re: W95 defrag [also lilo+Linux+Win98 FAT32]

On 23 Apr 99, at 23:45,  Matt Folwell 
 wrote about Re: W95 defrag [also lilo+Linux+Win:

> On Thu, Apr 22, 1999 at 05:42:09PM -0500, Brad wrote:
> > For quite a while, Windows refused to boot at all from lilo. i finally
> > solved the problem by using some obscure commands buried deep in TFM.
> > Probably you won't need them, but they're here for a reference anyway.
> > 
> >   other=/dev/hdb1
> >     table=/dev/hdb
> >   # The map-drive directives make windows think it's on the primary
> >   # master drive instead of the primary slave. Windows would think
> >   # Linux was on the slave if it could see it.
> >     map-drive = 0x80
> >       to = 0x81
> >     map-drive = 0x81
> >       to = 0x80
> >     label=win
> >     alias=2
> Which FM did you find this is?  I've been unable to boot windows from lilo

/usr/docs/lilo/manual.txt.gz (or something like that, case might be off)

> since I moved it (windows) to /dev/hdc.  I'd guess I need to use 0x82 where
> you've used 0x81, but I'd rather make sure before I risk it, and I can't
> see map-drive mentioned in the lilo.conf man page.

You can try it, but you might have a problem booting windows off 
anything other than the first 2 drives. The one thing about MS OS's 
in general (except for NT) they need to boot off of the the primary, 
active partition, and I believe it can be the only primary partition 
visible on the drive.

> For a while I was able to boot windows using other=/dev/hdc but this
> suddenly stopped working, saying "Missing Operating System"  Does anyone
> know what could cause that?

What primary partitions do you have on the first 2 drives? Did this 
change between then and now?

> TIA,
> Matt
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