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File Processing: Please Advise

        Hi! I have a file processing task and would like some advice on how
best to go about it!
        I have afew thousand .jpg files from my scanner and I want to rotate
them all and maybe some other things. I forget the exact command but with
something like "imagemagick -rotate 90 <infile> <outfile>" where infile[s] are
a set of files - file[0001-2000].jpg and outfiles[s] would be created as
        I cant figure out how to make a bash script to do this easily. I could
do it with C but would like to know how to do it in some scripting type langage.
So is there a good way to do this with BASH or should I bring Perl up to the
top of my TO-LEARN list or what?


E-Mail: Timothy Hospedales <timothy@smasher.rs.itd.umich.edu>
Date: 22-Apr-99
Time: 22:05:40

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