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Re: RedHat need not apply

Tony Crawford wrote:
> Kenneth Scharf wrote (on 22 Apr 99, at 5:07):
> > While it is good that Debian
> > takes its time to 'get it right' having a commerical product based on
> > Debian could put some pressure on the distro for 'more timely releases'
> > or worse, a commerical release of an 'unstable' branch might occurr to
> > 'keep up with the Jones'.
> Which would bring the Linux league one step closer to the corporate
> league. The next subsequent step being that the bugs left in the
> release would be denied (or renamed "issues") in the marketing
> literature.
> Tony

	If Corel wishes to shoot itself in the foot by releasing a distro
based on an unstable Debian, let it; Corel wouldn't last very long
if it does, and I'm sure they know that.  Besides, I don't think
that Corel's intended audience for this Debian-based commercial
distro, will be the types of folks who will want to live on the
bleeding edge.  This is going to be a group that is very different
from the folks making up the Debian community.
	Secondly, I don't see how Corel would have any way of pressuring
the Debian community.  Our developers are as free and unfettered
as before; Corel has no 'hold' over any of us.

Ed C.

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