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Re: Obsolete/local packages after update to slink

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> The list of
> packages shows many "obsolete/local" packges with no replacements
> available.  I am sure SOME of these were hamm packages which have no
> slink equivelents.

The same thing happened to me when slink went to stable and hamm wasn't
being looked at by dselect anymore (either ftp or apt, i forget which i
had at the time).

It turned out that they all were old packages that were renamed at some
point between hamm and slink, so i just removed them all.

> I remember one being Infocom, there were also some
> 'libxxxxx' packages, I think slink has some equivelants with later .so
> numbers (but shouldn't dselect been able to upgrade these?).

Bug? Or just someone not doing the Right Thing when updating a package?
However, i won't complain until i manage a package myself and do
everything perfectly ;)

> A few
> were truly local packages (.rpm's that I ran though alien, Netscape
> being one). 

There're quite a few Netscape packages available in Debian. Wrappers for
installing 3 and 4 from the tar gzips off of netscape.com, and a plethora
of Netscape 4 packages now that the source is free.

> What should I do about these?  I most cases I guess just
> continue to use the older packages as long as they still work.

Check if you still need them, and remove them if you don't.

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