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Diald Installation and Setup

Hello guys.

        It seems it is little frustrating here on getting good answers on
trying to get the diald working.  So... how about someone giving me a step by
step on their setup to get the diald working and the copies of the files
related to it so I can just edit the phone number and the device setting so I
can see if it works here.

        Basically...what I am looking for is this.  I have Slip, PPP and diald
installed along with ethernet card in it.  I am planning to have MASQ working
after the diald part is set.

        The pon setting is working fine and it works great.  It does connect
and disconnect using ttyS1 for the modem.  What I need to know is how to make
it work using the dynamic IP allocation by using the box itself and by the
network by diald.  So.... I appreciate if someone give me complete set of files
that you have that make yours work including the files in the /etc and
/etc/diald section that is related to diald.  That includes the IP addressing,
network settings and the setup relating to it like hosts, hosts.conf,
resolv.conf and ifconfig settings.  One of those areas are what making it not
work properly as it should.

        Some people have said about remote and local IP address setting and
such, but it is not exactly clear.  So.  I appreciate it if someone actually
make a tarball of all files that is related to it so I can study it and make a
few changes to it like the phone number and the device setting and then let me
try it from there.  Then it should show me what is going wrong with what I did
in the first place.  I really need to get this working and finished today.

        Thanks and hope to hear some replies on this so maybe... a new update
on the diald documentations/FAQ might be in order to make this problems from
coming up again with successfull manual PPP connection.
Date: 19-Apr-99          Time:11:05:29
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