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jobs disappearing from lprng queue

LPRng is acting up.  When I 'lpr <filename>' it appears to print fine
- no error message or anything - but nothing is printed and nothing
appears in the queue file.

I'm using the .deb - debian build, version 3.5.3-0.1.

I checked out the HOWTO which said to set the send_data_first flag,
and I have done that, to no avail.  

lpd is definately running, according to ps, and nothing shows up in
the syslog or message log.

Example session:

% lpr manifesto
% lpq
Printer: lp@mycroft  'HP DeskJet 500'
Queue: no printable jobs in queue
Status: server finished at 08:28:46

... but nothing is printed.

Here's the printcap entry:

lp|dj500|HP DeskJet 500:\

Here's the /etc/lpd.conf:


If I cat things to lp1, like this:

# cat /home/gossamer/writing/manifesto | perl -pe 's/\n/\r\n/' >> /dev/lp1

then it works perfectly.

Don't think I missed anything relavant ...


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