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Re: how to reset the console?

On Sun, Apr 18, 1999 at 06:56:00PM +0800, ivan@vianet.net.au wrote:
> If it's any good to you Rob, I could run savetextmode on my machine and
> post it to you.  I'd hate to see you lose your uptime :)
> Can anyone on the list see a reason why this wouldn't work ?
> Ivan. 

That would be something to try, I guess.  The only problem that I can
forsee is that I have my machine booting to something besides the
80x24 character screen and I can't remember which one it was (the vga
option in lilo.conf -- mine says "9" but I seem to remember that menu
being machine-dependent).  So unless you happened to do the same thing
then I'll have to figure out how to hot-switch that.  Shouldn't be too

If there are any dark secrets of vga incompatibility floating around
out there, this would be a very good time to air them.  I think it
says a lot about the stability and flexibility of Linux that I haven't
had a console since Wednesday and my machine is still accessible (and
would be even if I didn't have xdm running, though that would be a lot
harder), but I have no desire to make my monitor explode because I'm
too stubborn to reboot.

Please Cc: to me at robm@mad.scientist.com.  And thanks for the help.
You're all pretty cool.


"Were there no women, men might live like gods."
-- Thomas Dekker

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