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Re: Network problems with Vortex Adapter

I have had similar problems with 3c905b.
The trouble is propbably that the PCI card is in the first PCI slot, the
bios has problems reporting it to the kernel. Check the /proc/pci what irq
it has, if no irq is shown than its the PCI slot. You can either change
position of the card or turn PCI to manual in the bios, and assigning a
free irq to that card.
On thr other hand you could be lucky and have just misconfigured.
make sure that the correct module is loaded then go to
/etc/init.d/networks and check that the values are correct.

On Sat, 17 Apr 1999, Karl Gordon wrote:

> Hi
> I'm running Hamm on a Micron Millenia XKU 333 with a 3Com Etherlink 905B
> PCI installed.
> The kernel is configured with the correct Vortex driver but the adapter
> does not connect with or even see the other machines on the network.  It
> has the correct IP address and can 'ping' itself but no other machine
> can ping it or vice versa.
> I tried moving it around in the machine but that doesn't work either. I
> down loaded the latest version of the driver and re-compiled the kernel
> and nothing.
> HELP!!!!
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