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HELP! My computer behaves very evil!

Hi there,
after several days of fighting I´m utterly convinced that my computer hates
This is what he does:

- Ever so often, programs simply quit without any error message. Once in a
while it is the X-server, but it seems, no programs are excepted from this.
There is no regularity when the programs crash (although it is most often
before I want to save work...) Checking the problem with the GDB, it seemed
like the programs got all kinds of signals, but I couldn´t identify the

- Important configuration files get simply overwritten by empty files
(/etc/passwd, /etc/resolv.conf) I did not do any write access to them.

The whole thing started since I did a large hardware-update. New
motherboard, new graphics adapter (Matrox Millenium G200 AGP). I had to
update to Xfree and in doing so, I screwed up much of my system.
That means that about any part of the system might cause the problem. It is
quite probable that the problem is linked to the hardware, because a new
installation of Debian 2.0 on a separate partition and today a new
installation of 2.1 where somewhat unstable as well.

A complete memory test with Norton Utilities did not show any problems.
Also, the problem did not seem to touch my Win95 installation, but I didn't
test this for a long time, since I rarely boot in Win...

Does anybody have any idea where I could go on looking for the problem?


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