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Re: X windows and ModeLines

> 	Well I finally got X windows to come up. Kind of stark and doesn't
> do much :) I guess I must install other packages to make it actually
> interesting.. But I digress. The question is this: after finally getting to
> run the right server and XF86Setup and xf86config and all that jazz.... I am
> left with a system that seems only to be able to run 640x480 and 800x600.
> Now I know that both this card and monitor are capable of running 1280x1024
> (though not necessarily together as the best I can do in Windows98 is
> 1024x768 with lots of colors...)
> 	What do I need to go forward from here?

run xf86config again and when it's asking you for range of vsync/hsync for
your monitor, just choose an appropriate range. For example, 30-65 would
be '8', and 50-100 would be '3' (I just did this for my new monitor, so
kinda remember some of it). Then choose the card from database, and enter

Then you should play around with mode lines.
Basically the trick is to put the highest resolution possible first, so
that the order of modes would be Highest--->Lowest for any given depth.
That way X will start with the highest mode it can handle.
I have the description of how to do it on my page, URL below, or just
email with questions.

Btw, an interesting thing:
I have noticed that in the Device section for video card, Video Memory
line is commented out, even though I choose 4M for mine. So I have to
uncomment it. Dunno if it's a bug or not.

 Andrei S. Ivanov                  
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