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Re: X-Windows xf86config setup for Gloria Synergy monitor

Andrei --

Thanks for your help.  No configuration I have tried permits me to use this
card/monitor (ELSA Gloria Synergy AGP, 8MB RAM, Optiquest Q71 19" monitor).
Every X configuration I have tried causes the monitor to blank out or for
the whole system to get hung.

 I would love to hear from someone who has gotten this card to work.   Do
you know of anyone out there?

Oh, well.  For now, I'll live without X-Windows.  Thanks!

- Jim

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Subject: Re: X-Windows xf86config setup for Gloria Synergy monitor

> >
> > I can see from http://www.xfree86.org that for the ELSA Gloria Synergy
> > monitor, they've recommended the use of the X3DL server.  I was able to
> > download this.  However, I am still stuck getting my xf86Config file set
> > Can anyone give me some information about this?  I am using Debian
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > - Jim
> Well what is the problem that you have with setup?
> Andrew
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