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process/login/CPU limits

Hi all,
	I've been wanting to set limits on a few shell accounts. Looking
at the /etc/limits file I figured that something like the following would
allow testuser a single login with a MAX of 16 processes and open files. I
then telnet from another system and i was able to still login 3 4 5 times.
Also i was able to exceed teh MAX number of 16 for processes and open

testuser L1 U16 N16

	This is a slink 2.1 system with kernel 2.0.33. Also if anyone
could explain exactly what some of the other options mean and what their
purpose would be, I dont quite understand some of the following options.
Thanx for any help.

A: max address space (KB)
D: max data size (KB)
M: max locked-in-memory address space (KB) [only for root on Linux 2.0.x]
R: max resident set size (KB) [no effect on Linux 2.0.x]
S: max stack size (KB)
T: max CPU time (MIN)


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