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Re: Newbie networking

	Subject: Newbie networking
	Date: Sat, Apr 10, 1999 at 02:40:57PM -0400

In reply to:damaged justice

Quoting damaged justice(frogfarm@geocities.com):
> As a relatively veteran user of other distributions (Redhat mainly, but also
> many of the single-floppy ones), I feel astoundingly stupid for presenting this
> problem, but here goes. Just installed Debian 2.1 base, and everything is
> working fine except for one glaring exception. The module for NIC (ne2000)
> loads successfully, all the network routes are configured correctly, and yet
> it's unable to ping anyone except itself. What makes this a real hair-puller:
> This box works perfectly when booted with the latest LOAF floppy. Same kernel
> (2.0.36), identical routing information, with the exception that it works
> (except for DNS lookups).

See  man resolv.conf.  You need your nameserver addresses in there.
If it works with the IP # then that your problem.


BTW  I would thing RH also had the same file.

> Any ideas? I'm already enjoying the cleaner feel of Debian over Redhat, and
> would like to eventually switch over to it entirely if I can resolve this
> little issue. (apt-get was one of the things that got me interested initially.)
> -ian
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