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Re: shadow passwd in slink??

>-Shao Zhang <shao@cia.com.au>
>     I cannot find the shadow passwd in slink, anyone know here it is??
>     I need the function fgetspent, but man returns no manual entry
> found. I do have fgetpwent however.
>     Could someone tell me which package I need to get in order to have
> this function??

My guess is that you already have it in libc. Try

	nm /usr/lib/libc.a | grep fgetspent

I can't find any documentation either, but all you need
is in /usr/include/shadow.h.

Include <shadow.h> and use fgetspent like you would use fgetpwent
except that it returns a struct spwd *. This struct is declared
in shadow.h

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