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Re: Q: User access to hardware peripherals - preferred method?

> What is the One True Debian way to allow users access to special devices such as
> floppies, CD-ROM drives and modems (ie., ppp, efax and minicom)?
> But simply doing the following for user foo does not work (at least on my
> 2.1 system): 
> 	# addgroup foo floppy
> 	# addgroup foo audio
> 	# addgroup foo dip
> Is there something else to it? Or a better method? There's several Optional
> packages for managing permissions (sudo, super, suidmanager) and a number of
> other, unlegant ways to do this involving /etc/fstab edits and chmoding
> device files; I was hoping to avoid this.

That SHOULD work.  The user must logout and back in.  do a 'groups' as the
user to make sure they are in the group.

Then check the /dev entries and make sure that they are owned by group the
user is a member of.

The group acdess depends on the group owning the device.

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