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Re: New install: net unreachable

Brant & others.....   getting desperate here, please help!

To answer your question, I'm not sure *EXACTLY* how to check if the 
PCMCIA packages are installed, but I believe the answer is yes.

If I look at top, I can see cardmgr running. If I insert/remove the 
3c589 I hear the tell-tale hot-swap beeps, and when the system boots 
or the card is inserted, the network active light comes on on the 
adapter at the appropiate times.

Also, a ping of the machine's own address completes properly in a 
millisecond or two. If I remove the card, pinging its own address 
returns the message "network is unreachable". Pings to any other 
address with the card in result in:
 ping: sendto: operation not permitted
 ping: wrote 207......  64 chars, ret=-1

I had a linux_guru_friend stop by last night to look at the problem, 
he looked at some low level tcpip functionality and saw that arp 
requests were being received by the laptop, but is wasn't sending 
anything out on the network. After mucking with it for a few hours he 
thought he would try a re-install from the rescue disks..... same 
result! We successfully installed debian via nfs over the *EXACT* 
same network and interface, then on rebooting the network doesn't 
work and ping returns "operation not allowed"

Any suggestions please !!!!!!

On  5 Apr 99 at 22:42, Brant Wells wrote:
> Have you checked to make sure that the latptop PCMCIA packages are
> installed?
> Just checking,
> Brant.
> Chris Brown wrote:
> > Please help, this is a newbie being stupid question....
> >
> > I've done several slink installs that have worked fine.
> >
> > I'm trying to install it on my laptop now and am having problems
> > with the system once its installed. Basically everything seems
> > fine but I can't use the network (3c589 pcmcia ethernet). I can ping
> > the machine's own address but pings anywhere else result with ping
> > declaring "not allowed"...
> >
> > My ifconfig and route table look fine. I know the driver and network
> > is okay because the entire system was nfs installed initially! This
> > problem occurs when I reboot after completing the entire install
> > process.
> >
> > I suspect that I've (unknowingly) installed some sort of ip security
> > program that is not allowing network access, I see things in the boot
> > log like "ip paranoia deamon"... and others that I don't understand. I
> > used the custom package selection of dinstall. I've carefully done
> > the process twice with the same results.
> >
> > As a newbie, I have no idea how to search the OS to find the
> > offending software if that's the problem.
> >
> > Besides any suggestions on what might be causing this problem, can
> > someone please let me know how I'd (efficiently) go about tracking
> > down offending software in general?

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