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Re: where is my kernel source?

Marlon Urias wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Apr 1999, ktb wrote:
> > Marlon Urias wrote:
> > >
> > > After going through pppconfig (after a fresh install of Debian 2.1) I
> > > tried pon and got a error message about my kernel not supporting ppp.
> > > So I head on over to /usr/src/linux to run make xconfig but alas, /usr/src
> > > only has a dir named linux-x.y.z.headers (or something close). I was under
> > > the impression that /usr/src/linux always existed. How can I reconfigure
> > > my kernel under these circumstances? Do I need to download the source? Am
> > > I looking in the right place? Help. Thank you.  marlon
> >
> > My Slink had no /usr/src/linux.  /usr/src contained
> > 'kernel-headers-2.0.36/' and 'kernel-source-2.0.36/'
> My /usr/src/ only contains kernel-headers-2.0.36, this isn't the weird
> thing about my installation either. I guess I'll try looking in the cd.
> thanks.

the trick is that kernel-source 2.2.1 is on offical cd #2. but you don't
have to recompile your kernel to get ppp to work just make sure that
your /etc/modules file has the modules "serial ppp slhc slip" in it.
Maybe this is overkill, but this is always how I've done it.....


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