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XFmail - Anyone know anything?


does anyone know what is going on with XFmail (or not is going on!)? The
mailing list is dead. The page hasn't been updated in a while.

XFmail is the only GUI email client I have been able to find that (sort of)
comes close to what I was used to work with under Windows, it has multiple
account support etc. 

I know many Linux users "love" mutt and other ncursed software, but Linux
really needs serious GUI based email software. If XFmail is out of the loop I
truly do not know where to look for email software for Linux. I have looked at
some commercial solutions as well, but no, XFmail is still as close as I seem to
be a able to get. I am therefore interested in what is going on.

Does anyone know? 


Christian Dysthe
Email: cdysthe@bigfoot.com
ICQ 3945810
Date: 05-Apr-99
Time: 23:21:32
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