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Re: email threat

On 5 Apr 1999 bruce@perens.com wrote:

[ESR wrote:]

> > Damn straight I took it personally.  And if you ever again behave like
> > that kind of disruptive asshole in public, insult me, and jeopardize
> > the interests of our entire tribe, I'll take it just as personally --
> > and I will find a way to make you regret it.  Watch your step.

I think that most people in the Linux community will find this behaviour
objectionable in the extreme.  If ESR wanted to rally people round in his
defense ('understand my job', etc.), he's just taken one of his many
firearms and shot himself in the foot.

It's fairly obvious who is 'behav[ing] like [a] disruptive asshole,' and
'jeopardiz[ing] the interests of our entire tribe.'


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