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ppp/modem problems .. suggestions?

Interesting little problem here. I have two machines, one at work, one at
home, both running slink.
As far as I know, both systems are running the same package versions for
everything installed (Synced from Slink CD and www.us.debian.org using
APT) and both have kernel 2.2.2 from www.us.kernel.org mirror. I have ppp,
pppconfig, and ppp-pam installed on both.

What's happening is that the machine at home will pass UDP packets but not
TCP packets, so I can ping and traceroute from it, but I can't telnet,
rlogin, or use ssh. The machine at work can connect and do everything just
fine. Also, the machine at work runs the ppp connection fine using the
kernel shipped with slink, and was running on another computer with a
custom 2.0.3x kernel.

The machine at work has a Creative Labs modem blaster jumpered for ttyS0,
while the machine at home is an external Ricochet modem on ttyS1. I
remember seeing a few posts last month about a similar problem, but I
can't seem to locate them ATM. And no, I can't take the Ricochet to work
to test on that computer for the time being.

Suggestions on what to try?


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