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Re: Where is "/etc/rc.d/rc.local" on Debian?

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Marek Habersack wrote:

> > > 1. What RH package there is which has no Debian equivalent?
> > 
> > HP FireHunter for example.

> You got me there. So it means nobody packages it for Debian? Well, so the
> solution is to make the whole Debian distribution compatible with RH just for
> the sake of one package? Isn't it better to repackage it for Debian? No that
> I'm willing to do it :)) but someone who uses it, could, am I right?

No, I think a better idea is to simply make ALL distributions compatable.
Create a Linux standard init structure and USE IT. Create a Linux standard
filesystem layout and USE IT. Heck, buy Red Hat and file bugs against
their distro using their own bug reporting system for stuff that does not
meet the standard. Get Linus on board. Say that you have to meet the
standard to call the product Linux. We have GOT to avoid the Unix problem.

With Unix, each vendor differentiated and hoped to get dominant market
share. You ended up with a zillion incompatable versions of Unix. The same
is happening to Linux.

> Hmm... It's not very hard to take a source RPM, which MUST have a tarball
> inside, take the tarball out and package it for Debian... And if what you're
> saying is that those packages are commercial apps, then they're not in the
> Debian spirit anyway

These commercial packages do not distribute source code.

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