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Re: Problems with S3 Trio 3D 2x AGP

Eurisko wrote:
> Hello!
> I have a big problem: I have a S3 video card with 4 Mb but I'm not able to
> make it work fine.
> I've tried with the S3 and SVGA servers, but it only works with the VGA16.
> Video Card Specifications:
>     S3 Trio 3D2x Version 2.0B.06
> SuperProbe report chipset: 0x8a13

>From the XFree86 FAQ at http://www.xfree86.org/FAQ/#Trio3D:

> Q.F18- Is a server for the S3 Trio3D or the S3 Savage3D available?
> Boards based on those two S3 chips are not supported in XFree86. XFree86 has only recently
> (November 98) received the documentation for these chips, so development is underway. This will
> take some time. This FAQ will be updated as soon as a server is available. 
> Q.F19- Is a server for the Voodoo Banshee or other 3Dfx chips available?
> Boards based on Voodoo Banshee (or any other 3Dfx chips) are not supported in XFree86, as
> programming documentation is not available. We are working with 3dfx on a solution to solve this
> problem but haven't been successful, yet. Currently work has started on a server with documents
> that were given under NDA, no schedule for a release of such a server is known, though. 
> Q.F20- Is there any other way I can get an unsupported card to work?
> Well, there is. If you are running Linux and the card is VBE-2.0 compliant in hardware.
> Unfortunately even today many new cards are not. But if yours is, then you can setup a late
> version of the Linux kernel (anything newer than 2.1.119 should do) with vesafb and use the
> XF86_FBDev server with it. Anthony D'Amico has a nice introduction how to do this at
> http://www.uno.edu/~adamico/banshee/, where he describes how to get the Banshee to work.
> Note that the section there about installing the XF68_FBDev X server can be omitted. Instead use
> the XF86_FBDev that is provided as part of XFree86 This works in a very similar way for other
> VBE-2.0 compliant cards as well.

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