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Need printer help

I'm hoping someone out here can help me discover why my printer won't print.

Until not very long ago, I was using a Slackware system, and sending my
infrequent print jobs by hand using "gs -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=laserjet -sOutputFile=/dev/lp1". Now that I've switched to Debian, I can't get that much to
work anymore. A good "tunelp /dev/lp1 -r" gets some response from the printer
(in the form of some printhead movement), but nothing else will. Using gs
sometimes causes the "busy" light to come on, but it quickly blinks out again.
The Printing-HOWTO doesn't have any debugging hints. I'm lost. And my only
guess is that the Debian setup for lpt1 is somehow different. Any pointers?

Robbie Huffman

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