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Re: Epson Stylus Color 740

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Mono wrote:

> I'm having major problems with my printer.  Parport detects it at startup
> and does nothing.  I've tried putting it's address in the lilo command
> line with no luck.  It's listed under /proc at port 0 with no information
> after probing.  Is the 700 series simply incompatible with linux?

Could your printer be a windows driven printer ?
If you boot pure M$-DOS (not DOS box in M$ Windows) and try to:
Also possibly add a form feed by:
Where ^L is hitting <CTRL>+L
Does it print the contents of your AUTOEXEC.BAT then ?
If it does not print or prints just a bunch of junk, your printer might be
a windows driven printer - i.e. you need to run windows driver software to
control the printer.
Windows printers usually have no buttons (Everything is controlled by
If your printer have buttons, and you can print test page(s) by using
them, your printer is most likely _not_ a windows printer (which is good).

Sad with all this windows driven HW these days..


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