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Re: mySQL

In foo.debian-user, you wrote:
> hi,
>    I am looking for mySQL source. It's not easy for
> me to download it from internet. in fact, I just can
> use email to relate with internet.
>   please email a mySQL for linux source to me.
> thanks.
> my email:
>   chen.shanchao@mail.zhongxing.com

Hi Chen,

The address for mysql source is

Usually sources are too big for them to be emailed.
However, I remember that ORA used to provide an ftpmail service for people
who had email access, but no ftp.

Here's how it works:
Send a message to ftpmail@online.ora.com with no subject and the word
'help' in the body of the message, and you will get full instructions.

Usually, you just put the ftp commands in the body of the email...
for example:

  To: ftpmail@online.ora.com

  reply chen.shanchao@mail.zhongxing.com
  connect ftp.debian.org
  chdir /debian/dists/stable/non-free/source/devel
  get mysql_3.21.33b.orig.tar.gz

And you will get a uuencoded mail(s) with the desired file.
If you don't know exactly where the file is, you can just use the
dir commands to search, or most sites have an ls-lR file in the root
directory that lists all files contained in the archive.

Hope this helps,

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