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On Wed, 24 Mar 1999, steven walsh wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Mar 1999, Petru NOTINGHER wrote:
> > Hi.
> > 
> > I'm looking for a Linux driver for HP OfficeJet Pro 1150C.
> > Apparently, magicfilter does not support it.
> > 
> > Can anybody help me ?
> > 
> > Thanks.
> 	Try APSfilter instead.

Actually neither supports it directly.  The documentation for the
Officejet may mention a printer it emulates.  If not, I'd suggest choosing
one of the deskjet options, such as dj550c.   I had the same situation
with a Canon MFC-2500, which emulates the bjc-4100, which works with the
bjc-600 filter.  I've done this with both apsfilter and magicfilter.
Neither has its own drivers, but are merely filters to use with gs.  I'd
also recommend gs-aladdin in non-free over the normal gs (even though
vrms chides me for doing so).


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