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Re: Use apt to form a partial local mirror of Slink -- how?

Mark Phillips <mark@ist.flinders.edu.au> writes:
> I have installed Slink on my desktop using apt....  Now I have a
> laptop which needs to be upgraded to Slink.  It would appear that
> I'm going to have to download all these files again!

The simplest way to avoid multiple downloads is to use a caching
proxy (for example, with Apache's mod_proxy) with a sufficiently
large cache.  Then, subsequent requests will be fetched from the
cache. (*)

apt already knows how to use HTTP proxies (just set your http_proxy
environment variable appropriately).


* The only downside is if you fetch Debian packages from multiple
  mirrors.  In that case, a simple proxy cache configuration will wind
  up downloading and caching a package multiple times if you fetch the
  same package from multiple mirrors.  If this concerns you,
  Apache::Gateway can be used to fix this problem by implementing what
  is effectively a URN-hierarchy for the Debian packages.

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