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gnome cd player attempts infinite size window

Well the title says all,

Im running 2.2.3 , potato with gnome from


Anyway i just now thought id have a look at the CD player under
multimedia in the gnome panel menu and the darn thing nearly brings the
house down (im running 128MB RAM ,128MB SWAP, Dual 450 )
I click on CD player and it fills the entire screen and beyond and
beyond etc, i suspect a screen the size of this house wouldnt be big
First time it took me half a minute to find the resize corner ( using
<alt> mouse button to move it across ) eeek !!

 The second time it was even worse the RAM count kept counting up and
maxed , then swap started climbing up, response time went out the door (
coward >;0) ) so i three finger soluted Windowmaker (Take that !).
( ctrl-alt backspace ) which took a while itself so i watch swap
climbing closer and closer to the max ( hmm more exiting then bloody TV
down under, were using last years TV guide and getting nearly 90%
accuracy, which is better then first time around  ).

Anyone hit this >;0)

And what would have happened had SWAP run out of space. ? kaboom ???


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