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Re: installing debian

-Yes, I restarted the computer.

-The rescue floppy runs a menu, this menu runs down steps to
partitioning, configuring, 
etc. When the step to partition the hard drive is executed, It tells me:

cfdisk has failed to repartition. I may wipe out your partition table and
run cfdisk again.

If i answer yes, the same thing will happen when trying to repartition.
If no, I am unable to advance.

-No,I do not have Debian CD's

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999 15:37:19 -0500 "Person, Roderick" <personrp@ccbh.com>
>When you deleted the partition in DOS, did you restart the computer. 
>then should have free space in the amount of the erased partition. 
>What is
>the rescue disks error message when you try to partition the disk. Do 
>have Debian CDs too?

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