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kernel module dependencies

	I compiled a kernel with NLS and iso9660 as modules.  When I tried
to mount a cd I got a message saying that iso9660 was not supported by the
kernel.  Tried installing iso9660 with insmod and got a bunch of unresolved
symbol errors all relating to nls.  If I run 'insmod nls' first and then try
to mount the cd, it works great.

	I figure that kerneld should see that when mounting a cd, isofs is
needed which in turn needs nls and deal with the dependencies.  Am I right
about this ?  I didn't have this problem with kernel 2.0.30 although I
couldn't swear that I made nls a module when I was compiling 2.0.30.

	If I am right about this, should I be reporting this as a bug to
someone,and if so, to whom ?



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