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Re: Installing GNOME on a server

On Sun, Mar 14, 1999 at 06:01:40PM -0600, Chris R. Martin wrote:
> I have a server which exports /usr/local/ to several other PCs (which mount
> it under /apps/). This has worked several well with the few
> applications/libraries I've installed. However, GNOME is a different story.
> It uses the "bleeding edge" versions of many basic libraries, like zlib,
> libjpeg, libtiff, other libraries which are needed for other Debian
> packages which I have installed locally on these PCs (most notably the X
> server, but there are others). Since disk space is scarce on some of these
> PCs, I'd like to keep big applications like this on the server, and just
> the "basics" on the PCs.
> My problem is having multiple versions of these libraries availible, one in
> /usr/lib (provided by a Debian package) and in /apps/lib (provided by the
> server in /usr/local/lib). Although I have /apps/lib in ld.so.conf,
> /usr/lib is  always searched first it seems.
> So, now I need to either re-think my entire arangement or come up with a
> way for the libs in /apps/lib/ to over-ride the libs in /usr/lib/.
> Does anyone have any advice? 
> Thanks,
> Chris
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Just put /apps/lib at the very top of ld.so.conf and re run ldconfig -v /
That should do the trick. I've got multiple copies of libraries installed
(also for GNOME) and this works.
Stephen Pitts
webmaster - http://www.mschess.org

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