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I have installed Debian 2.0. I think it installed all right, but when I
try to connect online I get error message :In file
/etc/ppp/peers/provider: unrecognized option /dev/modem...... Here is
what I'm doing,,, Login as root,,,pon(enter),,, got message,,,
/usr/sbin/pppd: in file /etc/ppp/peers/provider: unrecognized option
/dev/modem..... Tried to access /etc/ppp/peers/provider, got :permission
denied: Tried plog,, got :ppd 2.3.5 started by root. vid 0
using interface ppp0
connect:ppp0<--> /dev/tty1
connection terminated
in file /etc/ppp/peers/provider: unrecognized option /dev/modem
What can I do about this?

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