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"ether=" parameter doesn't work


I am using 2.2.1 kernel and I have 3 Ethernet cards in my Linux box (all
are Realtek 8029 PCI). The 3rd was added recently. I wanted to preserve my
settings - I knew that adding the 3rd card would change my present eth0 and
eth1 name-to-adapter assignments. 

So I added an "append" line to my lilo.conf, filled it with proper values,
ran lilo and restarted my server. After booting it up I ended up with
swapped names of cards so I thought I made a mistake somewhere. I made more
experiments - and I observed that the ne2k-pci driver completely ignored
the values specified in ether= parameters. Is it possible that ne2k-pci
looks for more than one network card automatically (and therefore
disregards the "ether=" parameter)? If so, do all drivers do the same, or
is this just a speciality of ne2k-pci? I haven't noticed any message
telling me that I've supplied a wrong parameter to the kernel.

Does any of you know if something has changed in 2.2.x about that "ether="
parameter? Again, I am using 2.2.1 kernel with built-in ne2k-pci driver
(not as a module). By the way, where can I get some information about new
parameters which can be passed to 2.2.x kernels? Is BootPrompt HOWTO
updated already? 

Thank you in forward.

All the very best, 
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